Editing Mob Soul Types

Mystical Customization allows you easily edit registered mob soul types. Here's how you do it.

Editing A Mob Soul Type

Mob soul types are edited via a JSON file located in /config/mysticalcustomization/ called configure-mobsoultypes.json.

This file will contain an empty JSON object on first launch. You will use this as a mob soul type ID -> mob soul type changes map.

Example Entry

{  "mysticalagriculture:zombie": {    "name": "Undead Brothers",    "souls": 300  }}

The configure-mobsoultypes File

This section will go over the values available to use to edit mob soul types. Syntax can be inferred from the example json below.


You can change the name of a mob soul type.

{  "name": "Animals"}


You can change the amount of souls required for a mob soul type.

{  "souls": 10.5}



You can add or remove entities from a mob soul type. These use an array of entity ids to define which entities should be added or removed. Do note that an entity can only be added to a single mob soul type at a time, so make sure to remove the entities from their current mob soul types if applicable.

{  "entities": {    "add": [      "minecraft:skeleton"    ],    "remove": [      "minecraft:spider"    ]  }}


You can change the color of the Soul Jar for a mob soul type. Colors are set using HEX values.

{  "color": "aaaaaa" }



You can disable a mob soul type if you want to hide it and make it unobtainable.

{  "enabled": false}

Example File

{  "mysticalagriculture:zombie": {    "name": "Zombie, but Modified",    "souls": 23,    "color": "3434a1"  },  "mysticalagriculture:skeleton": {    "souls": 5000  }}