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What I've Got

Original Ideas Home of the world famous Magical Crops clone Mystical Agriculture!
Expansive Content Making others add the content themselves with Iron Jetpacks and Extended Crafting since 2016!

The Mods

Mystical Agriculture logo
Mystical Agriculture Grow all of your resources!
Mystical Agriculture allows you to grow resources using crops.
Iron Jetpacks logo
Iron Jetpacks Customizable energy powered jetpacks!
Iron Jetpacks is a lightweight jetpack mod that can be completely customized.
Pickle Tweaks logo
Pickle Tweaks Some vanilla+ features and tweaks!
Pickle Tweaks is a vanilla+ style mod containing many additional features and QOL improvements.
Mystical Agradditions logo
Mystical Agradditions Grow even more resources!
Mystical Agradditions is an addon for Mystical Agriculture that adds tier 6 crops and Tinkers' Construct support.
Extended Crafting logo
Extended Crafting Adds new ways to craft items!
Extended Crafting is a tool for modpack authors that adds higher-tier crafting mechanisms.
More Buckets logo
More Buckets Adds more buckets!
More Buckets is a simple mod that adds one thing: more buckets.
Note that all of my mods require that you have Cucumber Library installed as well. Download Cucumber Library

Widely Adopted

220+ Million downloads on CurseForge
12+ Thousand modpacks include my mods