Mystical Agriculture

Grow all of your resources!

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Key Features

Resource Collection Reimagined

Grow Your Resources

Mystical Agriculture adds more then 130+ resource unique crops to Minecraft; such as Coal, Iron, Diamond, Skeleton and so many more!

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Tools & Armor

Create more powerful tools and armor using Essences. Upgrade your gear with greater abilities using Augments.

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Growth Speed

Water your crops manually with a Watering Can to substantially increase crop growth rates.

Stack Growth Accelerators underneath your crops to passively increase their growth rate.

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Farming Improvements

Harvest large areas of crops in one fell swoop using a Scythe.

Automatically harvest a field of crops using a Harvester.

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Essence Furnaces

Use your extra essences to create furnaces with increased speed and fuel efficiency.

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Enchant your tools, armor or books with crafting materials and Experience Essence.

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