Extended Crafting

Adds new ways to craft items!

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Key Features

Pride and Accomplishment

Crafting Tables

Extended Crafting adds 4 tiers of crafting tables. 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9

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Combination Crafting

The Combination Crafting setup is a shapeless in-world crafting mechanism. Using a Crafting Core and up to 49 Pedestals, you can make creating important items more exciting.

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Ender Crafting

The Ender Crafter is a 3x3 crafting table that takes time to craft. Increase the crafting speed by placing Ender Alternators around it.

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Quantum Compressor

The Quantum Compressor is a high-tier FE-powered machine that can compress large amounts of a single item into a new item.

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Singularities are a high-tier crafting item created using the Quantum Compressor. Singularities are usually created by compressing thousands of a given item.

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Modpack Utilities

Use the Recipe Maker to very create the CraftTweaker script or Datapack json file for a table recipe in one click.

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