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Awakening Recipes

Mystical Agriculture allows you easily add your own Awakening Crafting recipes. Here's how you do it.



  • Mystical Agriculture uses the vanilla datapack system for recipe customization. (Learn More)
  • Recipes are added using json files, similar to vanilla recipes. (Learn More)

The Recipe File

This section will go over the values available to use in an Awakening Crafting recipe. Syntax can be inferred from the example json below.

  • type: The recipe type must be mysticalagriculture:awakening.
  • input: The item that will be placed on the Awakening Altar.
  • essences: An object containing the amount of Elemental Essences required in each Essence Vessel.
  • ingredients: An array of 1-4 items that will be placed on the Awakening Pedestals.
  • result: The item that this recipe will output once finished.

Example File

  "type": "mysticalagriculture:awakening",
  "input": {
    "item": "minecraft:apple"
  "essences": {
    "air": 40,
    "earth": 40,
    "water": 40,
    "fire": 40
  "ingredients": [
      "item": "minecraft:carrot"
      "item": "minecraft:carrot"
      "item": "minecraft:carrot"
      "item": "minecraft:carrot"
  "result": {
    "item": "minecraft:potato"


As of version 6.0.4, Mystical Agriculture allows you easily add your own Awakening Crafting recipes using CraftTweaker. Here's how you do it.

Adding A Recipe

mods.mysticalagriculture.AwakeningCrafting.addRecipe(name, <output>, [inputs], [essences]);
  • name: A unique name for this recipe. Must be all lower case and have no spaces.
  • output: The output item for this recipe.
  • inputs: An array of 1-5 items. The first item is the item that goes on the Awakening Altar, and the rest go on the pedestals.
  • essences: An array of 4 numbers representing the amount of each Elemental Essence is required. In order they are Earth, Air, Water then Fire.


mods.mysticalagriculture.AwakeningCrafting.addRecipe("test", <item:minecraft:stick> * 10, [<item:minecraft:diamond>, <tag:forge:ingots/iron>, <item:minecraft:stick>], [10, 20, 30, 40]);

Removing Recipes

  • output: The item to remove all recipes for.
Last Updated: 2022/11/26