Mystical Agradditions

Grow even more resources!



Tier 6: Insanium

Insanium Essence is an additional tier above Supremium that can be used to craft higher end items such as Nether Star seeds.


Paxels are a 3-in-1 tool made from a Pickaxe, Axe and Shovel. Create Paxels using the materials from Mystical Agriculture and gain additional efficiency.

Pickaxe, Axe, and Shovel augments can be applied to Paxels.

Tinkers' Construct Integration

Mystical Agradditions adds support to Tinkers' Construct for Mystical Agriculture materials. Melt down Supremium Ingots in a Smeltery and pour out your new Pickaxe head.

Essence Coal

Make use of your extra essences to create coal with a longer burn time.

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