Pickle Tweaks

Some vanilla+ features and tweaks!

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Minecraft Version
Key Features


Tool Enhancements

Repair your tools directly in your crafting grid.

Your tools will become ineffective right before breaking, allowing for quick repairs.

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New Tools

Paxels are a 3-in-1 tool made from a Pickaxe, Axe and Shovel.

Sickles allow you to harvest plant-material blocks in an AOE, and Scythes are an AOE weapon that can harvest crops in an area.

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Watering Cans

Watering Cans increase crop growth speed.

Pickle Tweaks comes with a basic Watering Can (3x3) as well as a Reinforced Watering Can (7x7).

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Utility Baubles

Use the Magnet to automatically pick up items and Experience Orbs around you.

Equip Night Vision Goggles to gain night vision.

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Right Click Harvest

Right click crops to harvest them.

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And More!

Use excess Diamonds and Emeralds to craft different Apples to gain buffs.

Split your Coal and Charcoal into pieces for increased efficiency.

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