Iron Jetpacks

Customizable energy powered jetpacks!


Fly to new heights!

Jetpacks Redefined

Iron Jetpacks is a Minecraft mod focused entirely on adding simple and easy to use jetpacks.

All jetpack values can be tweaked to your liking using the jetpack JSON files. You can even add entirely new jetpacks, or remove the ones you don't need.


Throttle Controls

You can change the flight speed of your jetpack on the fly! Use the Increase/Decrease throttle keybinds to change your jetpack's movement speed.

Intuitive Display

View your jetpacks energy, throttle, engine and hover status quickly using the in-game HUD.

Curios Integration

With Curios installed, your jetpack can be equipped as a Curio.

Powered by Forge Energy

Jetpacks are fueled using Forge Energy (FE). This means that jetpacks can be charged using other mods chargers.