Editing Crops

Mystical Customization allows you easily edit registered crops. Here's how you do it.

Editing A Crop

Crops are edited via a JSON file located in /config/mysticalcustomization/ called configure-crops.json.

This file will contain an empty JSON object on first launch. You will use this as a crop ID -> crop changes map.

Example Entry

{  "mysticalagriculture:iron": {    "name": "Orange",    "tier": "mysticalagriculture:5"  }}

The configure-crops File

This section will go over the values available to use to edit crops. Syntax can be inferred from the example json below.


You can change the display name of a crop like so.

{  "name": "Test"}


You can change the type of a crop using that type's ID. Learn more about types and how to add your own here.

Note: As of version 3.0.0, crop types must be prefixed with a mod ID. In this case it would now be mysticalagriculture:resource.

{  "type": "resource"}

Tip: You can see all of the registered types in-game with the /mysticalcustomization types command.


You can change the tier of a crop using the tier's ID. Learn more about tiers and how to add your own here.

{  "tier": "mysticalagriculture:1"}

Tip: You can see all of the registered tiers in-game with the /mysticalcustomization tiers command.


You can change the crafting ingredient used to craft a crop's seed. This can be either an item or a tag, and uses the same syntax as a crafting recipe.

{  "ingredient": {    "item": "minecraft:iron_ingot"  }}


You can change the required crux block to this crop. A crux is a block that must be placed underneath the farmland for this crop to grow.

2.1.7 or later: you can remove the crux from a crop by setting the value to null.

{  "crux": "minecraft:cobblestone"}


You can disable a crop if you want to hide it.

{  "enabled": false}



You can enable the enchantment glint effect for this crops items.

{  "glint": true}

Required Biomes


You can specify required biomes for this crop to be able to grow in.

{  "biomes": [    "minecraft:plains",    "minecraft:desert"  ]}

Base Secondary Drop Chance


You can modify the base chance of a second seed/essence dropping from the crop when planted on a valid farmland. Can be any value from 0.0 to 1.0.

{  "baseSecondaryChance": 0.4}

Essence Item


You can specify your own essence item. This is the item that will drop from the crop when harvested.

Note: Setting this value will not prevent the crop's current essence item from being registered.

{  "essence": "minecraft:apple"}

Recipe Config


You can disable the auto-generated recipes for a crop.

Note: The auto-generated recipes for the Mystical Agriculture built-in crops are already disabled by default.

{  "recipes": {    "crafting": false, // the vanilla 3x3 recipe (if enabled in the config)    "infusion": false, // the infusion altar recipe for the seed    "reprocessor": false // the default seed reprocessor recipe for the seed  }}

Example File

{  "mysticalagriculture:iron": {    "name": "Iron, but Modified",    "tier": "mysticalcustomization:test",    "type": "test",    "ingredient": {      "item": "minecraft:apple"    },    "crux": "minecraft:cobblestone"  },  "mysticalagriculture:stone": {    "enabled": false  }}