Editing Augments

Mystical Customization allows you easily edit registered Augments. Here's how you do it.

Editing An Augment

Augments are edited via a JSON file located in /config/mysticalcustomization/ called configure-augments.json.

This file will contain an empty JSON object on first launch. You will use this as an Augment ID -> Augment changes map.

Example Entry

{  "mysticalagriculture:strength_iii": {    "enabled": false  }}

The configure-augments File

This section will go over the values available to use to edit Augments. Syntax can be inferred from the example json below.


You can disable an augment if you want to hide it.

{  "enabled": false}

Example File

{  "mysticalagriculture:strength_iii": {    "enabled": false  }}