Adding Mob Soul Types

Mystical Customization allows you easily add your own mob soul types. Here's how you do it.

Adding A Mob Soul Type

Mob soul types are added via JSON files placed in /config/mysticalcustomization/mobsoultypes/. Each file represents a new mob soul type to be added.

Important: The name of the file is used as the mob soul types ID. The ID must be all lowercase with underscores '_' in place of spaces.

The Mob Soul Type File

This section will go over the values available to use in mob soul type file. Syntax can be inferred from the example json below.

Note: Any field below marked with a purple badge is required. Any field marked with a green badge requires at least the version specified.


You can manually set a name for this mob soul type. If you plan to use more than one entity you should probably use this.

{  "name": "Animals"}

Omitting this field will use the default display name for the provided entity.



You must assign this mob soul type a required amount of souls.

{  "souls": 10.5}



You must assign entities to this mob soul type.

{  "entities": [    "minecraft:panda",    "minecraft:polar_bear"  ]}

You can also just specify a single entity instead.

{  "entity": "minecraft:panda"}


You should set the color of the Soul Jar for this mob soul type. Colors are set using HEX values.

{  "color": "aaaaaa" }



You can disable this mob soul type during the creation process if you really want to I guess.

{  "enabled": false}

Example File

{  "name": "Test",  "souls": 50,  "entities": [    "minecraft:panda",    "minecraft:polar_bear"  ],  "color": "abcabc"}