Usage in Recipes

NOTE: These ingredients are only available in version 5.0.0 or later!

Using In Recipes

The different jetpack types are defined using NBT data. This means there is an extra step involved in using a jetpack (or it's crafting components) in a crafting recipe.

Jetpack Components

You need to use a Jetpack Component ingredient for jetpacks and their crafting components. The two notable fields here are component and jetpack.

The component field is the type of jetpack crafting component you want. The possible values are jetpack, cell, thruster and capacitor.

The jetpack field is the jetpack ID. You can find this ID by enabling advanced tooltips (F3 + h), and checking the ID on a jetpack.


{  "type": "ironjetpacks:jetpack_component",  "component": "jetpack",  "jetpack": "ironjetpacks:iron"}

Jetpack Tiers

If you want to create recipes that allow for any jetpack of a tier, similarly to the default jetpack upgrade recipes, then you can use the Jetpack Tier ingredient.

The tier field is the jetpack tier, and it must be a number.


{  "type": "ironjetpacks:jetpack_tier",  "tier": 2}