Extended Crafting

Adds new ways to craft items!

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Key Features

Pride and Accomplishment

Crafting Tables

Extended Crafting adds 4 tiers of crafting tables. 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9

Combination Crafting

The Combination Crafting setup is a shapeless in-world crafting mechanism. Using a Crafting Core and up to 49 pedestals, you can make creating key-items more exciting.

Ender Crafting

The Ender Crafter is a 3x3 crafting table that takes time to craft. The amount of time required depends on the recipe and can be decreased by placing Ender Alternators.

Quantum Compressor

The Quantum Compressor is a high-tier FE-powered machine that can compress large amounts of a single item into a new item.


Singularities are a high-tier crafting item created using the Quantum Compressor. Singularities are usually created by compressing thousands of a given item.

Modpack Utilities

The mod comes with an item called the Recipe Maker. This item allows you to very easily create the CraftTweaker script or Datapack json file for a table recipe.

Extended Crafting adds a guide book using Patchouli. This guide book explains how to use each of the crafting mechanisms from a players perspective.

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