Cucumber Library

The backbone of BlakeBr0's mods!

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Cucumber Flavored

What & Why

Cucumber Library is a required dependency for all of my mods. Cucumber contains shared code and functionality that is used by all of the mods listed below.

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Tag Tooltips

Cucumber adds advanced tooltips to all blocks and items that list all of the tags that block or item belongs to.

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NBT Tooltips

Cucumber adds advanced tooltips to all items that shows the items NBT.

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Check out the actual mods!

Mystical Agriculture

Grow all of your resources!

Iron Jetpacks

Customizable energy powered jetpacks!

Pickle Tweaks

Some vanilla+ features and tweaks!

Mystical Agradditions

Grow even more resources!

Extended Crafting

Adds new ways to craft items!

More Buckets

Adds more buckets!

Mystical Customization

Add your own resource crops!

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