Editing Crop Tiers

Mystical Customization allows you easily edit registered crop tiers. Here's how you do it.

Editing A Crop Tier

Crop tiers are edited via a JSON file located in /config/mysticalcustomization/ called configure-tiers.json.

This file will contain an empty JSON object on first launch. You will use this as a crop tier ID -> crop tier changes map.

Example Entry

{  "mysticalagriculture:1": {    "name": "Uno",    "essence": "mysticalagriculture:imperium_essence"  }}

The configure-tiers File

This section will go over the values available to use to edit crop tiers. Syntax can be inferred from the example json below.


You can change the display name for a crop tier.

{  "name": "Test"}


You must change the essence item to be used in the crafting recipes of a tier's seeds.

{  "essence": "mysticalagriculture:tertium_essence"}


You can change the effective farmland block for a tier. This block will be the farmland block that grants additional secondary seed drop chance.

{  "farmland": "mysticalagriculture:inferium_farmland"}


You can disable the ability for crops of a tier to be fertilizable with Mystical Fertilizer or Fertilized Essence.

{  "fertilizable": false}

Secondary Seed Drop

You can disable the ability for crops of a tier to have a chance of dropping a second seed.

{  "secondarySeedDrop": false}

Base Secondary Drop Chance


You can modify the base chance of a second seed/essence dropping from the this crop tier's crops when planted on a valid farmland. Can be any value from 0.0 to 1.0.

Note: This value gets overridden by the baseSecondaryChance value of a crop if specified.

{  "baseSecondaryChance": 0.4}

Example File

{  "mysticalagriculture:2": {    "name": "2, but Modified",    "farmland": "mysticalagriculture:inferium_farmland",    "essence": "mysticalagriculture:supremium_essence",    "fertilizable": false,    "secondarySeedDrop": false  },  "mysticalagriculture:5": {    "name": "5, butt Modified",    "essence": "minecraft:diamond"  }}