Adding Crop Types

Mystical Customization allows you easily add your own crop types. Here's how you do it.

Adding A Crop Type

Crop types are added via JSON files placed in /config/mysticalcustomization/types/. Each file represents a new crop to be added.

Important: The name of the file is used as the crop types name. The name must be all lowercase with underscores '_' in place of spaces.

Important: The name MUST be unique to work. Check the registered types with the /mysticalcustomization types command in-game.

The Crop Type File

This section will go over the values available to use in crop type file. Syntax can be inferred from the example json below.

Note: Any field below marked with a purple badge is required. Any field marked with a green badge requires at least the version specified.



You must assign a stem texture for this crop type. This location is used for every crop growth stage (0-7), which are differentiated by an _# suffix.

{  "textures": {    "stem": "mysticalagriculture:block/mystical_resource_crop"  }}

Built In Crop Stem Textures

  • mysticalagriculture:block/mystical_resource_crop
  • mysticalagriculture:block/mystical_mob_crop

Crafting Seed


You must set an item to use as the crafting seed for all crops of this type.

{  "craftingSeed": "mysticalagriculture:soulium_seed_base"}

Example File

{  "textures": {    "stem": "mysticalagriculture:block/mystical_mob_crop"  },  "craftingSeed": "mysticalagriculture:prosperity_seed_base"}