Adding Crops

Mystical Customization allows you easily add your own crops. Here's how you do it.

Adding A Crop

Crops are added via JSON files placed in /config/mysticalcustomization/crops/. Each file represents a new crop to be added.

Important: The name of the file is used as the crops ID. The ID must be all lowercase with underscores '_' in place of spaces.

The Crop File

This section will go over the values available to use in crop file. Syntax can be inferred from the example json below.

Note: Any field below marked with a purple badge is required. Any field marked with a green badge requires at least the version specified.


You can manually define the display name for this crop.

{  "name": "Test"}

Omitting this field will auto generate a translation key with the format crop.mysticalcustomization.{id}.



You must assign this crop to a type, using that type's ID. Learn more about types and how to add your own here.

Note: As of version 3.0.0, crop types must be prefixed with a mod ID. In this case it would now be mysticalagriculture:resource.

{  "type": "resource"}

Tip: You can see all the registered types in-game with the /mysticalcustomization types command.



You must assign this crop to a tier, using the tier's ID. Learn more about tiers and how to add your own here.

{  "tier": "mysticalagriculture:1"}

Tip: You can see all of the registered tiers in-game with the /mysticalcustomization tiers command.



You must assign the crafting ingredient used to craft this crop's seed. This can be either an item or a tag, and uses the same syntax as a crafting recipe.

Note: As of version 2.1.3, this field is no longer required.

{  "ingredient": {    "item": "minecraft:iron_ingot"  }}


You should set a color for the crop, essence and seeds. Colors are set using HEX values.

{  "colors": {    "flower": "aaaaaa",    "essence": "bbbbbb",    "seeds": "cccccc"  }}

If you want to use the same color for all 3 (which you probably should), you can use this syntax instead.

{  "color": "aaaaaa"}


You should set the textures you want to use for your crop, essence and seeds.

{  "textures": {    "flower": "mysticalagriculture:block/flower_dust",    "essence": "mysticalagriculture:block/essence_dust",    "seeds": "mysticalagriculture:item/mystical_seeds"  }}

Built In Crop Textures

  • mysticalagriculture:block/flower_ingot
  • mysticalagriculture:block/flower_rock
  • mysticalagriculture:block/flower_dust
  • mysticalagriculture:block/flower_face

Built In Essence Textures

  • mysticalagriculture:item/essence_ingot
  • mysticalagriculture:item/essence_rock
  • mysticalagriculture:item/essence_dust
  • mysticalagriculture:item/essence_gem
  • mysticalagriculture:item/essence_tall_gem
  • mysticalagriculture:item/essence_diamond
  • mysticalagriculture:item/essence_quartz
  • mysticalagriculture:item/essence_flame

Built In Seed Textures

  • mysticalagriculture:item/mystical_seeds

Omitting this field (or any sub-field) will automatically assign to the Ingot textures. For the seed it will just be the regular seed texture.


You can add a required crux block to this crop. A crux is a block that must be placed underneath the farmland for this crop to grow.

{  "crux": "minecraft:cobblestone"}


You can disable this crop during the creation process if you really want to I guess.

{  "enabled": false}



You can enable the enchantment glint effect for this crop's items.

{  "glint": true}

Required Biomes


You can specify required biomes for this crop to be able to grow in.

{  "biomes": [    "minecraft:plains",    "minecraft:desert"  ]}

Base Secondary Drop Chance


You can modify the base chance of a second seed/essence dropping from the crop when planted on a valid farmland. Can be any value from 0.0 to 1.0.

{  "baseSecondaryChance": 0.4}

Essence Item


You can specify your own essence item. This is the item that will drop from the crop when harvested.

Note: Setting this value will prevent the default essence item from being registered. If you still want that item to be registered, you can set this value in the configure-crops.json file instead.

{  "essence": "minecraft:apple"}

Recipe Config


You can optionally disable the auto-generated recipes for your crops if you plan on adding your own instead.

{  "recipes": {    "crafting": false, // the vanilla 3x3 recipe (if enabled in the config)    "infusion": false, // the infusion altar recipe for the seed    "reprocessor": false // the default seed reprocessor recipe for the seed  }}

Example File

{  "name": "Test",  "type": "resource",  "tier": "mysticalagriculture:1",  "ingredient": {    "item": "minecraft:iron_ingot"  },  "color": "eb7a34",  "textures": {    "flower": "mysticalagriculture:block/flower_dust",    "essence": "mysticalagriculture:item/essence_dust"  },  "crux": "minecraft:cobblestone"}